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2024 Summer Internship Program

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Now through 15 October accepting applications

15 October - 1 November Reviewing surveys and inviting selected candidates for one-on-one interviews

We will extend offers to our top candidates around the beginning of December and hope to finalize our team by January 1st.

Internship Overview

Our internship immerses participants in real-world projects we undertake for the US Air Force. Over the past two summers, our interns have collaborated with our team at Offutt AFB on the TADS project, delving deep into the intricacies of managing and updating a large-scale enterprise data center. This year, we're expanding our internship by forming two teams: one will continue on TADS, and the other will partner with our WDA Inc5 team to craft new applications for the Air Force Weather Virtual Private Cloud.

At our core, we are a team of solutions architects, each a specialist with broad technical know-how. Our emphasis isn't on the journey but the destination. We prioritize successful outcomes for our clients. This holistic approach means everyone, interns included, collaborates to address challenges using their preferred technologies, methods, and work distribution. Expertise in a specific language or framework isn't our priority; we value a zest for learning and team spirit.

Your internship won't be limited to government projects. You'll also delve into internal development tasks. Whether your interest lies in cloud technologies, web development, machine learning, or API management, we offer a diverse palette of projects. Experience the nuances of a large enterprise initiative, while also exploring cutting-edge technologies in R&D projects. Throughout, you'll receive guidance and gain hands-on skills, from server management to integrating code in production, leveraging state-of-the-art tools.

Past Internships

Our first two summers our interns have been working hard on a wide-variety of projects. They have learned everything from administering Linux operating systems, to building serverless Python APIs in AWS, to designing and implementing React components for our forthcoming open-source weather library. All of our interns have had a hand in developing capabilities that are running in production for our customers today and have gained a ton of real-world experience in software development and working on a team.

2019 Intern Team

2019 Interns
2019 Interns
  • Rosemary Keenan (UNO)
  • Gabe Drew (UNO)

2020 Intern Team

2020 Interns
2020 Interns
  • Ciara Baumert (UNL-Raikes)
  • Leah Olson (UNL-Raikes)
  • Trinity Thompson (UNL-Raikes)

2022 Intern Team

  • Matthew Hottovy (UNL)
  • Justin Le (UNL)
  • Joshua Schnee (UNO)

2023 Intern Team

  • Dylan Diehl (UNL)
  • Raimee Seal (UNL-Raikes)
  • Joseph Seibel (UNL)

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