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Summer Internship Program

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Do you have a passion for solving problems? Do you love to learn new things? Are you willing to take risks and learn from your failures? If you answered yes to these questions then an internship at Shyft Solutions might be perfect for you.

At Shyft our product team is made up of solutions architects who are generalizing specialists in a wide variety of technologies. We strive to focus on the best outcomes for our customers and less about how we get to those outcomes. This means that our team, including our interns, works together to solve problems in the way that they see fit, using the technologies that they choose, and deciding how to divide up the work. We aren’t looking for experts in any particular language or framework, just individuals with a passion to learn new things and a desire to be a part of a team.

Whether you want to work on cloud technologies, web development, machine-learning, or API management, our project has something for everyone. Our internship is project-based and you’ll work on an integrated team to choose a project that provides value to our customers and is interesting to you. Along the way you’ll get mentorship and hands-on experience in everything from managing servers to implementing your code into production, all while using the latest and greatest tools.

Past Internship

2019 Interns

Last summer our first interns joined the team and we had a blast working on a wide-variety of projects. They learned how to install Linux on a server from scratch and setup an entire application build pipeline. They also got to build web applications using Python, viewers using JavaScript and React, and setting up a litany of Amazon AWS services for deploying and managing applications.