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2022 Summer Internship Program

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With the large interest we receive in our internship program and the limited number of spots we have to fill, our application includes a brief survey which is our first step in determining if someone is likely a good fit at Shyft so be sure to answer thoughtfully and thoroughly!

If you are selected to move on we will invite you to sign-up for a virtual interview where we will get to know you a bit better and go through some coding exercises. Don't worry, we don't really care what languages you're proficient in yet, we are more concerned about how you approach solving problems.

No matter how far you make it in the process, we will always let you know whether we are proceeding with you or not--we don't like to leave anyone in the dark. That being said, we have a lot of applicants to review, and it may take us a week or so to get back to you after each phase.


Now through 15 November accepting applications

1 November - 30 November Reviewing surveys and inviting selected candidates for one-on-one interviews

We will extend offers to our top candidates no later than the beginning of December and hope to finalize our team by January 1st.

Internship Overview

Our team is working on the latest Air Force Weather contract at Offutt Air Force Base for software application development and sustainment, TADS. The TADS team is on a mission to become a leading DoD software factory by revitalizing Air Force Weather’s capabilities using a DevSecOps approach. We are looking for engineers to join cross-functional teams where everyone is empowered and responsible for collaborating with our government customers to design and deliver valuable, mission-critical products. This project employs a wide-variety of technologies from Python and Java back-end services to React and PHP based web applications.

Shyft is looking to add a few energized Software Engineer interns to the TADS program. Adoption of modern Software Engineer practices is a top-priority and the ideal candidate is willing to lean-forward and help integrate new solutions into the enterprise. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality team possible and believe the right attitude is as important as technical skill. If you love solving problems, you will thrive in an Agile enterprise where security and performance are imperative to our customer.

We are made up of solutions architects who are generalizing specialists in a wide variety of technologies. We strive to focus on the best outcomes for our customers and less about how we get to those outcomes. This means that our team, including our interns, works together to solve problems in the way that they see fit, using the technologies that they choose, and deciding how to divide up the work. We aren’t looking for experts in any particular language or framework, just individuals with a passion to learn new things and a desire to be a part of a team.

In addition to working on our government customer project, you will also participate in some internal development efforts. Whether you want to work on cloud technologies, web development, machine-learning, or API management, our project has something for everyone. You’ll get real-world experience working on a large enterprise project, as well as research and development projects using newer technologies. Along the way you’ll get mentorship and hands-on experience in everything from managing servers to implementing your code into production, all while using the latest and greatest tools.

Past Internships

Our first two summers our interns have been working hard on a wide-variety of projects. They have learned everything from administering Linux operating systems, to building serverless Python APIs in AWS, to designing and implementing React components for our forthcoming open-source weather library. All of our interns have had a hand in developing capabilities that are running in production for our customers today and have gained a ton of real-world experience in software development and working on a team.

2019 Intern Team

2019 Interns
2019 Interns
  • Rosemary Keenan (UNO)
  • Gabe Drew (UNO)

2020 Intern Team

2020 Interns
2020 Interns
  • Ciara Baumert (UNL-Raikes)
  • Leah Olson (UNL-Raikes)
  • Trinity Thompson (UNL-Raikes)

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