Cloud Migration

Leverage cloud services to improve your agility

Scale to infinity and beyond

While “the cloud” is not some magic solution to all of your IT issues, it does provide a large variety of tools that can simplify solving problems. Additionally, it can afford small and medium organizations access to infrastructure and hardware that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Organizations with simple websites may be able to migrate their entire system to the cloud without the need for deploying any servers at all. That means no more time spent updating operating systems and patching security vulnerabilities, which reduces costs and allows you to focus on new features. As an Amazon AWS partner, Shyft can help your organization in your journey to the cloud from initial cloud assessments, to custom development and modifying your applications to take full advantage of the security, scalability and pay-per-use aspects of the cloud.


Cloud hosting benefits

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Scale applications on-demand
  • Simple backup and disaster recovery
  • Improve application security
  • Increase flexibility through automation
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